Everything you need to know about VCT Game Changers

By Olivia Richman


Mar 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers program was announced in late February, shining a light on competitive opportunities for women in Riot’s new tactical shooter. According to Riot, the Game Changers tournament series is a way to “build a more representative Valorant Champions Tour.” 

Valorant’s esports scene has seen a lot of progression in terms of female inclusivity. This includes Cloud9 White, an all-female Valorant team that has also competed in more traditional tournaments, as well as TSM’s newly-announced women’s roster. Now, Riot has released more information on this all-female Valorant tournament. 

Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers tournament information 

In an official blog post, Riot gave a lot of new details about Game Changers. The top-tier competitions will take place around the world throughout 2021, with the first being held in North America. It will have a prize pool of $50,000. North America’s event, which has partnered with Nerd Street Gamers, will feature open qualifiers and the top eight teams will advance to the final tournament. 

The open qualifiers are on March 19 through 21. The top-eight tournament is from March 25 to 28. 

This is the final day to register. All participants must be verified members of the Galorants Discord Community. Additional broadcast details will become available closer to the event. 

Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers Academy details

The Academy program will have six monthly tournaments. 

“This gives players even more opportunities to compete at the semi-pro and grassroots level. These Academy events will be organized in partnership with Galorants, one of the largest communities within Valorant. In addition to a prize pool, each tournament will offer extra incentives such as merchandise, various in-game rewards, or a trip to an offline Valorant event,” Valorant said in the press release. 

Here are the dates for the Galorant Monthly Tournaments, which may change: 

  • April 24 – 25
  • May 28 – 29
  • June 25 – 26
  • July 30 -31
  • August 27 – August 28
  • October 29 – October 30

Interested Valorant players should join the Galorants Discord Community.