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Play like a pro in Valorant by mastering this Viper lineup

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The poisonous Viper is extraordinary on Breeze, judging from Valorant pros. This lineup is one of the ones they use to dominate. 

Valorant’s largest location, Breeze offers some of the deepest gameplay in the tactical shooter. All Valorant maps have a gimmick that sets them apart, with Breeze’s being two mid areas. No other map in Valorant has more than one mid area. The split layout is why many agents have a hard time on Breeze. However, Viper can make this work to her advantage. 

Despite her viability, agents may struggle to gain tube control. Tossing utility inside the elevated area is no easy feat, but learning lineups for your primary agent can help. And coaching sites like Metafy have professional coaches that can teach unique setups to master any map. 

This new lineup approved by Gambit Esports’ Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin can help enter the second mid. 

How to take control of mid on Breeze

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It’s crucial to pick Viper on Breeze to split the large areas into two using her Toxic Screen. Her smoke is equally helpful in getting second-mid tube control.

Go back into A-lobby for this lineup and align yourself with the metal edge. Equip the smoke launcher and aim at the balcony’s ledge, as shown in the video. Run forward until your crosshair hits the bottom of the ledge, jump and then toss the smoke. The device will land in the middle of the double doors inside the tube, blocking the view of the Operator player on the other side. 

Attackers often avoid the tube due to the presence of the defender’s sniper. Using this smoke will open a new way to enter A site without putting teammates in the line of fire. Since it’s a pretty safe lineup, players can also use it later in the round. This Viper lineup on Breeze offers tons of space to execute clever plays inside the often-congested tube.

Lineups like these may appear complicated but easy to replicate, especially with proper guidance. Seek the help of a coach through Metafy to master all maps in Valorant with Viper. 

Who is the best controller in Valorant?

Since patch 2.09, Viper is undoubtedly leading the charge in the controller category. The poisonous agent deals damage while blocking off large areas with her deadly smokes and a lengthy screen. Omen post-buff is also a viable pick on large maps. 

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