Viper ultimate bug

Here’s how to use Viper’s ultimate perfectly on every map

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 8, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

When we talk about the most powerful ultimates in Valorant, Viper tops the list. Despite its viability, many players don’t know how to use Viper’s ultimate in Valorant. 

The venomous agent carries a tanker full of toxic gas. She uses her toxins to kill enemies slowly, but she really lets loose when she has her ultimate. Her lethal gas emits in a large area, affecting all enemies that come into contact with it. It’s a pretty high-risk, high-reward power. Many players think Viper’s Pit doesn’t benefit their team, but that’s simply not the case

How to use Viper’s pit

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The Viper’s Pit ultimate ability serves best when it’s used at points of entrance. In rare cases, it does work effectively on the default site. 

To squeeze the full juice out of her ult, activate it near the entrance to defend a site. Enemies can easily play around a default site Viper ult and end up killing you. Deploying the pit near an opening ensures that enemies think twice before stepping into the danger zone. This increases your chances of delaying the Spike plant and supporting teammates. 

On the attacking side, deploy the pit from a safe angle to plant the Spike. The enemies will naturally pull back and wipe out the site when the poison reaches the default area. Don’t stay inside the pit at all times. Play around the thick borders to outsmart enemies. The 15-second timer allows for executing complex plays and strategies. If an enemy is close by outside of the pit, it’s recommended to leave the field and pick a duel. Planting the Spike becomes a piece of cake when Viper’s ult is used correctly. 

When to use Viper’s ult in Valorant? 

Viper’s ult unlocks at seven points, which is pricey and means that it should be used responsibly. That doesn’t mean wasting the ult’s potential utility while waiting for the perfect moment, however. Activate Viper’s ultimate ability in these situations:

  • As soon as you hear the attacker’s footsteps, and you lack back up in a high-stake round. 
  • When the Spike has been dropped and you want to secure it from the attackers. 
  • When the Spike has been planted and you have to defuse it with minimal team support. 
  • At the site entrance before planting the Spike, especially if you don’t have teammate support.
  • To retain the Spike from a risky spot under the guard of defenders. 

If you’ve activated the ult early on in the game, try to use it at the best time possible. The sooner you deploy the ult, the sooner you load up the next one.