Pantheon revealed in Legends of Runeterra

Nicholas James • December 3, 14:30

The Magic Misadventures expansion for Legends is taking players all over Runeterra to add a variety of cards for different regions to the game.

Targon is the latest region to be blessed with a League of Champions making their debut in card form, with Pantheon being the latest champion to join the game. Pantheon is a power midrange threat that turns into an unstoppable wrecking ball as you power up your various allies.

What does Pantheon do in Legends of Runeterra?

Pantheon is a four-cost champion with a 4/2 stat line, overwhelm, barrier, and the brand new keyword Fated. Fated gives a creature +1/+1 the first time they are targeted each round.

Pantheon levels up once you’ve targeted allies in five different rounds this game. When Pantheon levels up, he becomes absurd. Pantheon is granted one random keyword for each round in which you’ve targeted allies. This can turn Pantheon into a nigh-untouchable monster in combat, with the ability to throw out a staggering density of keywords at enemies.

Pantheon’s Legends of Runeterra incarnation will synergize with Targonian cards that encourage the player to build a board of interdependent but capable combat threats.

Pantheon has the potential to steamroll an opponent who doesn’t have ways to stop you from building a steady advantage with a resilient and threatening board state. Pantheon’s spell is Pantheon’s Shield Vault, which gives an ally +1/+1 and stuns an enemy, as well as adds another copy of Pantheon to your deck.

Along with Pantheon’s reveal have come a few flavour pieces to flesh out Targon’s roster in Legends of Runeterra. A new demon, Camphor, feeds off of doubt and grief to grant itself a ton of useful keywords. Pantheon looks ready to lead Targonian midrange decks to victory with his potential to end the game in a single, powerful haymaker.


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