Kennen revealed in Legends of Runeterra

By Nicholas James


Dec 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

More and more champions are getting added to Legends of Runeterra, pulled from League of Legends’ roster and made into the headlining Champion cards that decks revolve around.

Kennen, the latest Yordle to get added to Legends of Runeterra, has been recently revealed as a part of spoilers for the upcoming Bandlewood expansion. The new Magic Misadventures expansion lets fans harness the power of the Spirit Realm and the supercharged member of the Kinkou Order is here to bring shock and awe.

What does Kennen do in Legends of Runeterra?

Kennen is a Bandle City and Ionia champion card that costs one mana, with a 2/1 stat line. League of Legends players who know Kennen as a relentless lane bully that applies early pressure can expect the same in Legends of Runeterra.

Kennen has Quick Attack and adds to hand a Mark of the Storm spell when he is summoned. Mark of the Storm adds a condition of the same name to an enemy, if that enemy already has the condition, it is stunned by the spell instead and dealt two damage.

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Kennen’s spell version is Kennen’s Lightning Rush, which recalls an ally to deal two damage to anything and create a copy of Kennen in your deck. Kennen levels up after you have played an ally with the same name four times, whether through creating copies or recalling.

When he is leveled up, Kennen becomes a 3/2 body who creates a Mark of the Storm spell when it is summoned, blocked, or attacks. Kennen looks to be an incredibly low-to-the-ground threat, meant to reward players for looping cheap spells and overwhelming their opponent early with efficient aggressive bodies.

Kennen also synergizes well with Ionian spell archetypes who use efficient allies to create cheap modular spells to help keep the tempo up.


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