Palworld player count

Palworld breaks player count records on Steam

By Olivia Richman


Jan 20, 2024

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Despite many gamers pointing out Palworld’s blatant Pokemon rip-offs, it seems like the game is still a massive hit, as it reached over 2 million copies sold in under a day. At the same time, developers made possibility to create private servers, so many players use Palworld hosting for that.

Palworld is a survival game that’s pretty typical in the sense that you create and defend a base, explore for resources, fight baddies, and farm resources. But what sets it apart is the Pokemon-like Pals that you basically treat as slave labor and who can even go insane from being worked too hard on your base.

It seems like this dark take on the Pokemon world has become a success since the game reached 1 million sales in just eight hours and then 2 million by hour 24.

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Palworld player count

How many people are playing Palworld?

Palworld had a lot of hype ahead of its release thanks to the Pokemon design controversy and many creators having early access to the game for live streams. Only Early Access Palworld has already taken over the gaming and streaming world.

On Steam, Palworld broke into the top 10 list for the highest concurrent players ever. On Steam alone, there were 855,706 people playing Palworld on its opening day. It’s remained at over 800,000 since its release.

For now, it seems like having the chance to torture Pokemon has really been a hit with gamers, and I’m scared of what that really says about us.


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