Oskar and HS become free agents, both looking for new teams

Olivia Richman • October 16, 09:27

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players Kevin “HS” Tarn and Tomáš oskar Šťastný are now free agents. 

GamerLegion has broken all contratual ties to HS, something both parties reached an agreement on. The Estonian player is now a free agent after being with the squad since the beginning of the year. He was benched two weeks ago. 

“We started our adventure in Counter-Strike with HS as one of the core members,” GamerLegion said on Twitter. “We want to thank him for the time he has been with us.” 

The 22-year-old Estonian CSGO player aided GamerLegion in their second place finish at MocheXL and helped them secure a third-place spot at the Good Game League. But GamerLegion has recently said that they’re looking to create an all-Swedish roster, leaving HS and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom on the bench. 

At the time, HS had stated on Twitter that the benching had come out of nowhere. 

“Interesting, just found out about this,” HS tweeted

Now a free agent, HS stated that he will be streaming FPL while looking to prove himself to potential teams. 

oskar released from HellRaisers


HellRaisers has ended oskar’s contract, leaving the Czech player a free agent as well. 

This was his second time playing for the organization, and it didn’t seem to go as planned. After signing with the squad in May, it seemed that the lineup couldn’t accomplish what they had hoped, including a disappointing 12th place finish at the StarLadder Major. 

Despite the team’s downward spiral, oskar was often able to prove himself individually during those six months. According to HLTV, the sniper maintained a 1.08 LAN rating. 

“About my future, I’m still looking forward to play at the highest level. I still have something to offer,” oskar tweeted

He added that he’d be happy to play for a European CSGO team. 


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