Original characters, 10-cost units coming in TFT Set 7

By Steven Rondina


May 10, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The first proper gameplay details for Teamfight Tactics Set 7 have been revealed by Riot Games, showing some of the new units coming to TFT Dragonlands.

The TFT Dev Drop for May 2022 has landed with TFT designer Matthew Wittrock discussing some of the new units and mechanics coming to Teamfight Tactics for next season. As the “Dragonlands” name suggests, the central theme of this new set is dragons. Pieces in this set have high fantasy themes and motifs related to fables and legends related to dragons, so don’t expect any PROJECT or Odyssey skins for a while.

Dragons will be a key part of the gameplay, with a number of semi-original characters being used in the set. These will technically be original characters that aren’t regular champions in League of Legends, but they will still use various skins taken from established champions.

One example shown is Ao Shin. Ao Shin is a dragon that is currently available as a Little Legend, but was originally teased to be a new hero in 2013. The design wound up becoming Aurelion Sol, with Ao Shin never actually seeing release as a champion. Aurelion Sol’s Storm Dragon skin is meant to be the “real” Ao Shin, and this will play out in TFT as Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol will represent the character.

A more straightforward appearance by Aurelion Sol is also in the cards, while another dragon piece will have an avatar in the form of Dragon Guardian Galio.

TFT Set 7 will have 10-cost dragon pieces

The key battle mechanic to TFT Set 7 will be the dragon piece. These units take up two unit slots and are being labeled as an “anti-trait.” This is because they gain bonus health and triple the normal bonus from origin synergies, but only if they’re the lone dragon on their side of the field. This is somewhat similar to the God-King units from set 5.

Dragons will be available for purchase throughout the game, but come at an increased cost relative to other units of the same rarity. The example shown is a rare Ao Shin piece that should cost five gold, but instead costs 10. 

TFT players will likely have to build their entire team composition around a single dragon in set 7. Though a rare Ao Shin piece was shown with a 10 cost, players will likely also be faced with the opportunity to find a more common dragon piece to build around early that doesn’t scale as well.

Hextech Augments returning alongside new Treasure Dragon encounter

Hextech Augments were a smash hit in TFT Set 6, and they’re going to return in set 7 with a slightly different motif. Instead of a Hextech Core, players will have a Dragon Shrine. The mechanic will largely remain the same, with players occasionally being offered a choice of three perks that carry major strategic implications.

The big gameplay addition in TFT Set 7 is the Treasure Dragon. The Treasure Dragon replaces the Raptor encounter and gives players a bundle of rewards. Players are told what they’ll receive and have the ability to re-roll those rewards for one gold.


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