This is everything that’s known about Teamfight Tactics set 7

By Nicholas James


May 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Some details are known about the next Teamfight Tactics set, but not many. So what does TFT set 7 have in store for players when it comes to theme and mechanics?

The next Teamfight Tactics set is coming in the next two months, so here’s what Riot Games has revealed about players’ next experience with the League of Legends-themed auto battler. It looks like the next set of brand new traits and units will take a page out of League of Legends’ playbook by focusing on various types of dragons.

TFT set 7 visits the Dragonlands

The new Teamfight Tactics set was announced in Riot Games’ roadmap at the beginning of 2022, where a few things were previewed. Firstly, the next set will be taking place in distant lands with tribes who worship ancient dragons. The second confirmation was the fact that Gizmos and Gadgets‘ Hextech Augments will be returning once again after driving the sixth set to new heights.

In recent Reddit comments, Teamfight Tactics developers announced that the draconic theme was being taken a step further. Taking inspiration from the Draconic trait from sets past, Riot announced that every single round of TFT set 7 would begin with each player gaining a Draconic egg that eventually hatches, containing items of similar value. Not only will Hextech Augments likely change to match new traits, but the new Draconic egg adds a new mechanic to increase the replayability of the set.

These Draconic eggs will presumably behave like the eggs from the Draconic trait, taking longer to hatch as the prize inside gets more valuable. This also opens up the possibility of the Golden Egg, the rarest and most valuable iteration of the eggs. This could lead to a high-power experience similar to the triple Primatic augment “Astral” lobbies in Gizmos and Gadgets.

That’s everything known about TFT set 7 at this point, but more details should emerge in the next few months.


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