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OnlyFans model called out for mocking Amouranth abuse with cosplay

By Olivia Richman


Oct 23, 2022

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A cosplayer and OnlyFans model has received backlash over her most recent post, which appeared to be a cosplay of Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa.

Amouranth recently revealed that she’s been in a controlling, abusive relationship with her alleged husband Nick Lee. Before taking an indefinite break from streaming, Amouranth told her fans that she was forced to do hot tub streams by Lee and when she tried to do an Overwatch stream he threatened to kill her dogs in a subsequent argument.

The internet has been left in shock over the situation. While some believe that Amouranth may have made up the harrowing situation and others feel “tricked” by her, most have come to her support. Some are also concerned that someone else has been tweeting from her account to make her appear okay to hide a more concerning truth. Now, the streaming community is condemning Ellie Rae for a distasteful post regarding the Amouranth situation.

Ellie Rae called out for Amouranth cosplay

In a since-deleted tweet, Rae shared three images of her cosplaying as Amouranth, sporting her signature red hair and cleavage-bearing white shirt. The caption read: “If I stop streaming for the simps, he teaches me a lesson!”

The mockery of Amouranth’s abuse left many fans angry. Notable streamers have called out Rae for inappropriate cosplay and making light of someone’s abuse.

In a deleted tweet, esports influencer Jake Lucky called for Rae to be de-platformed. Many have since agreed, flooding Rae’s Twitter with screenshots of her Amouranth post and demanding she delete her social media.

Others have demanded she speak on the situation instead of pretending it never happened.

For now, Rae has remained silent about her Amouranth post. But it doesn’t seem like the streaming community is allowing her to forget about the drama any time soon.


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