Sweet Anita backs up Amouranth on secret relationship status

By Olivia Richman


Oct 17, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The entire streaming community has been left in shock after finding out that Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has been in a potentially abusive marriage this entire time, and Sweet Anita has made her stance on the situation known.

Many big influencers have spoken up for Amouranth, although a vocal minority has stated that Amouranth isn’t a victim at all and should be punished for “lying” to her male fans about her relationship status. Some claim that her actions effectively manipulated men into donating to her. During her confession on Twitch, however, Amouranth stated that she wanted to stream with her husband but he forced her to keep it a secret.

Either way, the issue has brought into question why content creators must tell fans their relationship status and other personal information to begin with. Streamer Sweet Anita spoke up in support of Amouranth on October 16, 2022 explaining why women should not have to tell male followers about their dating lives.

Sweet Anita polls fans if streamers should reveal their relationship status

Sweet Anita began by explaining that men unfollow women like Amouranth once they find out they are not single because it “saps the entertainment” out of watching someone they find attractive or have a crush on. They start comparing themselves to her partner and start to feel rejected.

“You can’t exploit or abuse a man by keeping your relationships to yourself. You have a right to privacy. I hope the women of twitch know this despite the noise. You can’t rob men (at) boob point. The sub was VOLUNTARY. They can’t buy your solitude if you never offered it,” Sweet Anita tweeted.

Sweet Anita went on to call it “coercive, delusional, and abusive” to believe a donation should force a woman to remain single or discuss her private information.

“Stop normalizing men trying to coerce and control women’s relationships with money, then acting like the victim when it doesn’t work. You can’t own a woman and her private life for £5. Stop telling women they deserve abuse if you can’t buy singleness or sex from them,” Sweet Anita continued.

Sweet Anita tweeted a poll following her rant, asking the streaming community if they believe a streamer has to disclose their relationship status to followers. Almost 90,000 people have voted and 91.4% agree that streamers shouldn’t have to share their relationship publicly.

There was a small group of people, however, that argued in the replies that women should not pretend to be single in order to “squeeze money” from male fans. These comments were quickly condemned by others who said that female streamers are not demanding money or offering anything. Some said that hiding a relationship for profits is “twisted,” but others responded that a streamer’s personal life is not their business.

Since the horrifying stream showing her husband’s abuse and threats, Amouranth has been silent on social media.