Only 8 LoL players left with perfect Pick ‘Ems in Semifinals

By Nicholas James


Oct 29, 2022

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There are only eight players left with perfect Pick ‘Ems as Worlds 2022 enters the semifinals stage.

Pick ‘Ems is Riot Games’ yearly fan-oriented pseudo-fantasy game that takes place over the course of Worlds. At each step of the World Championship, fans are given the opportunity to place their guesses on which teams will win and advance at each relevant stage. Fans are rewarded for the accuracy of their Pick ‘Ems with in-game rewards, and potentially some amazing cosmetic prizes.

Perfect Pick ‘Ems for Worlds 2022 whittled down to eight players

To perfectly predict every single stage of Worlds is a ridiculously difficult task. Every year, League of Legends’ largest stage is home to upsets and unexpected results that overturn the expected outcome. This near-impossibility of getting every single outcome right, from Play-Ins to Group Stage to the Knockout Stage, means that Riot Games tends to unvault some pretty serious prizes for anybody who manages to get perfect Pick ‘Ems.

This year, as Worlds heads into the semifinals stage, there are only eight players left with perfect Pick ‘Ems. The eight players who have gotten every single placement right through the whole tournament are Leoten Semper, Emperor Cho, get it together, 엄E1, 문과생 우르곳, 초능력동생, and 핏국물. In particular, these players somehow managed to predict moments like TES dropping out in group stage, DRX defeating massive favorites EDG, and all the other jaw-dropping switch-ups that shook up the League of Legends world.

What is the prize for perfect Pick ‘Ems at Worlds 2022?

The prizes for Pick ‘Ems are broken into tiers based on how highly players ranked compared to their peers over the course of the tournament. If a player gets perfect Pick ‘Ems for Worlds 2022, they are rewarded with every single Ultimate Skin available in League of Legends along with all the prizes from lower tiers. The top 5,000 players will each receive the Worlds 2022 Azir skin as well as unlocking Azir for free. The top 5% of players will receive 50 Worlds Tokens, four Worlds 2022 Capsules, and the Kassadin “Excuse Me?” emote.

The rest of the prizes, for top 20%, top 40%, and top 70% all consist of Worlds 2022 Capsules and the Kassadin Emote. Top 20% will receive three capsules, top 40% receives two, and the top 70% will receive three. Out of the eight players remaining, it’s likely that there’s at least one person rooting for each of the remaining four teams, so somebody is going to take home the massive prize of every single Ultimate Skin that Riot Games has to offer all for free.

If you want to get as many points as you can from the time that remains for Pick ‘Ems, check out some of our picks for the upcoming stages of Worlds.


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