Oni 2.0 is coming to Valorant with a hot new katana

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Prepare your wallets because Oni 2.0 is happening, and it’s all official — almost. 

Valorant inventory is stacked with exquisite weapons, but some are more popular than others. A few designs that ride has rolled out in Valorant are in a league of their own which is why newer skins fail to match their greatness. Thankfully, Riot frequently releases sequels of Valorant’s best skins. A 2.0 has happened for almost all iconic skins, from Ion to Magepunk. But players have long been waiting for Oni 2.0. And it may be happening sooner than expected.

It takes a few months for players to warm up to new Valorant skins. But Oni was an instant hit and remains popular even in 2023. So it’s not surprising they try. It has now decided to release a sequel for the traditional bundle.

Oni returns to Valorant

On February 26, riot games released a cryptic poster with a curious description. The aesthetic and vibrant poster was pretty vague and didn’t give anything away. The poster featured Yoru’s mask under a pink Japanese cherry with a bunch of knives slicing through the fresh green grass.

However, it would be impossible to tell that Oni 2.0 is in the works if it weren’t for the description. The caption read “again,” leading the fans to cook up their Yoru-related theories. That was until Valorleaks revealed that Riot is working on a sequel for Oni.

The credible leaker revealed that Oni would have a Vandal and a katana. The previous bundle came with a Phantom and a masked claw that’s still unmatched. But Riot is now finally granting the player’s wishes. Oni 2.0’s katana will be just as unique, hopefully at par with the original melee. According to ValorLeaks, the bundle will have four variants. 

Fans love the Oni. Most recently, the popular Valorant artist rolled out a trailer for Oni 2.0, featuring Yoru. It was a big hit and likely the reason behind Valve’s sudden mood shift and releasing Oni after almost three years of Valorant. Fans are now curious to see if Riot’s Oni sequel is as fantastic as Vegod’s unofficial variant. 

Oni 2.0 price in Valorant

Oni 2.0 should be priced at the same 7,100 Valorant points in the premium category. With four variants and special animations, VFX, a kill banner, a player card, a gun buddy, and a spray, it’s a pretty decent price point. Oni 2.0 should release on Tuesday, March 7.