Magepunk skin bundle returns to Valorant with unique melee and Operator

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Patch 3.10 brings exciting updates to Guardian users. Valorant’s steampunk-style bundle Magepunk has returned, and it features fan-favorite weapons. 

Riot Games has excellent news for steampunk fans who are still hooked on the Magepunk’s tiny tubes of glow. The brand new patch has rolled in with Magepunk 2.0, which features a much better melee weapon this time around.

Along with a fresh new face of Chamber, patch 3.10 has rolled in with significant new content. The update marks the return of five-stack queues and the iconic and antique Magepunk skin collection. The bundle previously had skins for Marshall, Spectre, Ghost, and Bucky. But, the new version expands the pool. 

Magepunk was Riot’s attempt at bringing the Neo-Victorian touch to its modern first-person shooter. The glass-like guns portrayed the era when old weapons and technology first met the modern world. The delicate, antique design adds a vintage finish to the tech-forward vibe of Megapunk weapons. The first set of the skins were a hit among Valorant players who’re used to over-the-top futuristic cosmetics. The developer has now recreated the bundle upon high demand, and it’s much cleaner. 

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Magepunk 2.0 comes with a brand new melee, which is an upgraded version of the previous knife. The old bundle featured a plain knife in Magepunk theme, but the new one is much more extravagant. The old collection didn’t have skins for primary weapons, which means players won’t get to enjoy Magepunk Vandal, probably ever. The bundle comes for the following weapons: 

  • Magepunk 2.0 Sheriff
  • Magepunk 2.0 Operator
  • Magepunk 2.0 Guardian 
  • Magepunk 2.0 Ares 
  • Magepunk 2.0 Melee 

How much does Magepunk cost? 

Magepunk 2.0 is a premium skin worth 1,775 Valorant points per individual skin, and a 7,100 VP bundle. Melee, however, costs 3550 VP. 

The entire bundle is upgradeable and has multiple variants. The glow tubes change colors with each variant. Magepunk 2.0 has blue, green, pink, and gold chromas that players can unlock with Radianite points.