This creepy Omen bug teleports the agent outside the map

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Omen has likely taken offense to players refusing to pick him in ranked games. The agent is now teleporting out of bounds in an insanely game-breaking bug. 

The shadow-lurker Omen was easily the top-pick of players in the first few acts of Valorant. Riot Games’ gradual tweaks immensely nerfed his kick, making him one of the least player agents. While a buff from Riot is still out of sight, Omen has taken matters into his own hands. 

Omen hides behind shadows in a creepy bug that aren’t accessible to regular players. 

How to teleport Omen off of Ascent

The Controller agent has a unique ability to slither across the map. His shadow goes unnoticed as he travels from one corner to another. However, his ultimate has still failed to bolster his pick rate. This new bug takes his ult up a notch by teleporting him out of bounds. Enemies can’t spot him at this elevated area, neither can they push him. 

The Omen player must have From the Shadows activated to reach this point. Press the X key and select the A window as the destination. The agent will reposition, but not on the window intended for play. The new bug takes him to the top floor of the building, an area out of bounds. This is highly game-breaking as Omen can replicate this bug against clueless enemies. 

The agent can lock down A-short throughout the round from this vantage point. Omen will have a clear view of the A-short entrance, tree, and route towards haven. It’d take enemies a few rounds before they figure out the bug and check this point before stepping to A. Even then, Omen will have an aim advantage due to his position. This game-breaking bug is replicable but may not work all the time.

This isn’t the first time Omen’s teleporting abilities are acting up. In the first few months of the release, the shadow agent was traveling outside of the map to throw the Spike. There have been many instances when Omen gained inexplicable powers to gain an edge over the enemies. The infamous Sage and Omen combination is an excellent example of weird Omen-related bugs. 

When will Omen get buffed? 

Riot Games hasn’t announced any plans for Omen buffs yet, but he would likely get some tweaks in Episode 4, Act 2. The developers have clarified that no new agent is scheduled for the next act, but it’d focus on agent reworks and map balances. So, Omen players should keep their fingers crossed.