Omen can now break the game on Team Deathmatch

By Olivia Richman


Jul 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

An Omen player has found a game-breaking glitch in Team Deathmatch that gives the stealthy agent a huge advantage.

Team Deathmatch is a fun elimination-focused limited time mode in Valorant that allows players to utilize their agent’s abilities to get the upper hand in combat. While the game mode has been a lot of fun, some players have found some fatal flaws that are causing serious mayhem. The latest is an Omen bug discovered by content creator Rem.

On Twitter, Rem claimed that Team Deathmatch is “broken” thanks to a bug they discovered while playing Omen.

Omen bug discovered on Team Deathmatch

In the video posted by Rem, Omen could be seen teleporting to the top of a building on Piazza, a Team Deathmatch map. All he had to do was aim Shrouded Step at the corner of the rooftop and then find the perfect spot before activating the ability.

This bug is a huge headache for other players since Omen is free to snipe and eliminate enemies from the safety of the building, catching opponents off guard with some very unexpected positioning.

Omen can still be shot while up there, but that’s most likely after he’s picked of fa few unsuspecting enemies. And since the bug is so easy to pull off, it’s sure to cause a lot of frustration in Team Deathmatch going forward.

Valorant players call for Team Deathmatch hotfixes

This is not the first game-breaking bug to be discovered in Team Deathmatch.

Another popular bug was found on District, the TDM version of Split. By using Sage’s wall, Jett could boost to an elevated part of the map, dash upward, and then basically find herself outside of the map. Doing this would make Jett invincible but still able to shoot enemies that came near.

This glitch was a bit tougher to pull off since it needed such exact movements and the assistance of Sage. But the newly discovered Omen glitch is very easy to replicate.

Luckily, the spooky bug has already been spotted by Riot Games. It’s been confirmed on social media that developers are working on a hotfix. It’s unclear, however, when this hotfix will take place.