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Omen-Astra wallhack proves Valorant is a horror game

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant is a lore-heavy game, but game mechanics remain distinct from the storyline. But, the universes are clashing as Omen gains a wallhack into the galaxy of Astra. 

Riot Games has focused heavily on Valorant lore since the release. In 2023, the story is as immersive as any action Sci-Fi movie. There are dead family members, mysteriously lost characters, different galaxies, and whatnot. But Riot has kept it all separate from the game mechanics. However, players have noticed paranormal activity that suggests the storyline has entered the game. 

Both Omen and Astra retain supernatural powers. Omen has his phased world to plant smoke, whereas Astra has her Astral form. Both controllers need to access the other dimension to use their ability, and a new wallhack visual suggests their universes are the same.

TIL Omen can see Astra’s ult pre-placement as well as her rough position while placing orbs/stars inside his smoke “realm”. ‘educational’
by u/Coretaxxe in VALORANT

A Valorant player shared a curious video in which Omen could see Astra in her Astral form in his phased world. This is game-breaking because it reveals Astra’s position, like a wallhack.

Astra levitates to get a vantage view of the map and is highly vulnerable. Teammates must protect her while she plucks the stars and plants them. But, Omen can see her clearly within his phased vision, no matter how far she is. This is basically a wallhack because there’s no other way to see enemies’ positions unless you’re a Cypher. Even then, there are restrictions. But, this Omen-Astra interaction is unique.

Players are confused if it’s a bug or an intentional mechanic. This has to be a glitch, as it’d be highly game-breaking otherwise. Using the shared universe, Omen can exploit the information to take down enemy Astra. However, it’s still a rare bug. The chances of Astra being in her Astral form when Omen’s phased world is open are completely coincidental unless there’s a cunning Omen who’s watching for every single new star dropping.

If anything, this is undoubtedly a spooky interaction. Valorant lore enthusiasts are convinced that Astra and Omen are somehow tied to each other. They may share the same third dimension of smokes. If that’s really the case, Valorant lore should get interesting soon. 

What’s Astra’s role in Valorant’s lore?

Astra Valorant

Astra’s role in the Valorant lore is that of a powerful cosmic being with the ability to manipulate the fabric of the universe. She came from Ghana and was once a humble scientist studying astronomy until she was exposed to the mysteries of the cosmos and gained incredible powers.

In the Valorant lore, Astra is sought after by the organization known as the Kingdom, who seek to use her powers for their own gain. However, Astra is fiercely independent and seeks to control her own destiny, using her powers to help those she deems worthy.