Info on Valorant’s lore may be hidden in Killjoy voice lines

Olivia Richman • February 9, 2021 11:08 pm

Most of the story behind Valoranat is a mystery thus far. While developers noted that Episode 2 will reveal more lore behind the mysterious conflict and world behind Valorant, a lot of players have impatiently started coming up with theories on their own. 

Whether it’s parts of the map or voice lines, the Valorant community is always looking for clues that will reveal more about the game’s backstory. The most recent hints might be within Killjoy’s voice lines. The Sentinel agent’s dialogue reveals that she might have built more than just her turrets. 

A Reddit user pointed out some key Killjoy phrases that led them to believe that Killjoy had a part in building a lot of the components in Valorant’s world: “I built literally everything on this battlefield, yeah even the things that might kill us. What, you want me to say sorry?”

Another interesting voice line is activated when Killjoy is defusing the Spike. She muses that it’d be funny if she “died right now,” hinting that she’d be dying from her own invention. She also says “you don’t deserve my inventions” when she defuses a Spike. 

“Everyone makes fun of German efficiency haha, just keep laughing as you use all my gear,” Killjoy says to other agents, possibly meaning she had a hand in building guns and even some abilities. 

Other voice lines point to possible hints at Valorant’s lore, including Killjoy saying other agents “look like us, but aren’t us” and Phoenix saying, “This is crazy. It feels like we’ve been doing this forever.” 

These types of voice lines, along with Cypher hinting that he has endless cameras, point at a possible alternate reality where the agents are trapped doing the same thing over and over. This is somewhat similar to the lore behind Dota 2, which suggests that each match played is a canon alternate reality.

What do we know about Valorant lore so far? 

One Valorant fan summarized what players may have inferred about Killjoy from her extensive dialogue. This includes her developing the Spike, Breach’s arm, and other technologies agents use. Unverified lore that the community has put together point to Killjoy being the main engineer that was employed by Kingdom for the Valorant protocol.

There are possibly two parallel worlds competing to collect radianite, a valuable resource, using the Spikes. This would explain the lines about creating various technologies and seeing doubles of themselves and other agents. It also explains the dimension rifts in maps like Ascent. 

Riot has yet to confirm this theory, although it’s been widely adopted by the Valorant community. 

So far, there’s only been a few things officially shared about Valorant’s storyline. Valorant game director Joe Ziegler said that Valorant is a secretive organization that has gathered a diverse cast of agents from across the world in hopes of them working to stop a threat. They all have different backgrounds, although some agents already know each other, whether they were friends in the past or enemies. 

Valorant creative director David Nottingham told Polygon early in Valorant’s life that there are certain people around the world that have “hyper-natural powers.” These powers were brought about by “massive global changes,” which includes the rise of new governments. Valorant is formed by secretive backers after an event known as First Light. 

Is Killjoy good in Valorant? 

As a Sentinel, Killjoy is great at collecting useful information for her team. Her turret abilities also help her defend points and areas in the map, making her great for defensive strategies. Combining these two components of her kit makes Killjoy a great agent to have on any team. 


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