Ninja roasts his teammate during his own Fortnite tournament

Olivia Richman • October 10, 19:35

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been hosting the Ninja Battles tournament series, which features an impressive $80,000 prize pool. And he has made some spicy contributions to it along the way.

Ninja Battles 6, the final tournament in the series, recently wrapped up. Per usual, Ninja himself competed in the tournament. His team, made up of streamer Paper and Ronaldo, wound up in 27th place. This wasn’t too bad for a trio that had never competed together before, but it wasn’t ideal for Ninja. The popular streamer even ranted on stream about the lag he was experiencing, since 100 players were competing instead of the usual 60. 

But Ninja didn’t only have harsh words for the lag. Ninja also decided to roast his teammate, Paper, during a live stream. 

Ninja burns Paper during Ninja Battles 6

While gearing up for more play during Ninja Battles 6, the Fortnite superstar asked Paper how long he had been streaming and competing in Fortnite. Paper casually answered the question while they sat in the pre-game lobby, telling Ninja he’d been competing in Fortnite since the game first came out. That’s over three years at this point. 

“Damn. You would think you would be more relevant,” Ninja joked. 

This caused Ronaldo and Paper to start uncontrollably laughing. They clearly didn’t expect Ninja to suddenly roast Paper during such a seemingly innocent conversation. 

Despite the sudden burn, Paper decided to shoot some banter back Ninja’s way once he caught his breath. He called Ninja’s exclusive Adidas shoes “ugly.” Even if they were, the burn didn’t hold much weight since Ninja’s shoes almost instantly sold out after he tweeted they were available. In fact, the shoes were such a success that the collaboration is set to continue. 

Ronaldo even told Paper he’d been “checked” by Ninja. It didn’t seem like any diss about Ninja’s shoes or pink hair would save him from the burn. 


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