Toxicity in Valorant

Newly found Sova recon-shock combo is a game-changer on Split

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Split may not be Sova’s strongest map, but the intel gatherer can still find ways to shine. A new shock dart and recon lineup proves he’s still viable on all Valorant maps. 

Valorant initiators are highly valuable in all agent compositions. Gathering intel and relaying it to teammates offers a huge edge over opponents. It’s safe to say, initiators are a must-have on all maps but none are great on every single map. Sova is still good everywhere, at the very least. 

Split has historically been one of Sova’s weaker maps, but this new setup may change that. The Sova recon-shock combo reveals enemies and then tenderizes them. 

New Sova recon-shock combo reveals enemies

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This combination for the middle area on Split requires a Recon and Shock Bolt. Recon goes out first so that the shock can tag revealed enemies. Here’s how to do it. 

Walk up to A tower and place your crosshair on the building’s intersection, as shown in the video. Load one charge and fuel up the bar to shoot the Recon Bolt. The dart will bounce off the building and stick to the top of mid, catching enemies by surprise at the round’s start. Most attackers take cover in the left cubby on mid, an angle that the bolt will reveal. 

Once you know that defenders are cooped up in the corner, line up the Shock Bolt. Load up the full bar on one charge of Shock Bolt from the same angle. Release the arrow to tag the defenders in the mid cubby. The dart will act similarly to the recon, bouncing off the building. Expect to deal 50-90 damage as this dart is tough to dodge. 

Even without the shock, this setup is pretty helpful to assist middle players, especially if you have a sniper set up in vents. Your teammate can use this valuable information to pre-fire hidden enemies. If the middle area is empty, they can instead tighten security on the main entrances of both the bomb points. 

In all cases, this is a highly valuable setup that will bolster Sova’s performance on a vertical map like Split. 

Is Sova good on Split? 

Due to the map’s verticality, Sova isn’t the best Initiator to pick on Split. However, he can still play a key role in gathering intel if you have the right lineups. Without proper setups, running Sova on a map with excessive hindrances, wires, and billboards may be tricky.