These Sova arrow lineups will get you an advantage early in the round

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 29, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant’s initiator Sova is easily one of the most viable playmakers in high ranked lobbies. Here’s how his Recon Bolt makes him an important asset for any team. 

A duelist may launch on enemies with blinding flashes, but teammates’ support can make them inviolable. A little information can help a duelist perform to its full potential. Sova’s toolkit allows him to gather information, assisting his teammates in opening sites. With his Owl Drone and Recon Bolt, the hunter provides an incredible edge to his teammates in winning a game of Valorant. 

Sova’s Recon Bolt is a common ability to use at the beginning of a round. It helps the team decide whether pressure on one side should be decreased or not. When attacking, strategizing site attacks become easier, based on the information gathered. However, a straight bolt shot is likely to get crushed without acquiring intel as it allows enemies to calculate the landing. 

Here are some unique lineups for Sova’s arrow, guaranteed to bag intel before enemies know what hit them. 

How to use Sova’s arrow on Bind and Split

This Defender side Recon Bolt is to detect enemies pushing in from Hookah. Bomb Point A is comparatively trickier to defend when the enemy team has controllers like Brimstone or Omen. Using this setup, Sova can detect whether there’s pressure towards B or not, allowing him to pick his move while still in the spawn. 

Stand inside the blue wire area in spawn and aim downward at the ground. For this lineup, make sure the line joining hud is touching the crack on the floor, as shown in the image.

Blog post image

Aim towards the sky and use the Recon Bolt bar as a guide. The corner on the bar should be touching the wood branches. Load the charge halfway, and shoot. The bolt will attach to the wall outside Hookah, exposing enemies pushing in bomb Point B. 

Sova is just as viable on the attacker side as well, especially on map Split. This lineup begins from outside bombPoint B to expose enemies at A Site. The bolt distracts the enemies at A, misleading them about the attacking teams’ strategy. Bomb Point B will likely be empty after Sova’s bolt lands on A Tower. 

Attach Sova to the door outside B-lobby and aim at the green banner. Again, the charge bar makes a useful guide here. Align the crosshair with the orange banner, like so: 

Blog post image

Once aimed right, set the arrow to double bounce, load up the charge till it’s red and shoot. The bolt will land towards A Tower, revealing enemies scouting at A Ramp. 

Sova’s Recon Bolt works best on larger maps. However, the second lineup proves that he’s a versatile agent as his arrow shines on a map like Split that has tons of tight corners. 

Is Sova good in Valorant?

Sova is one of the best scouts in the game, mostly thanks to the intel he gets from Recon Bolt. To make him viable, players have to learn the best time and location to use this powerful ability to gain the most information for the rest of their team. This helps make well-informed plays that can change the game entirely. 

How much damage does Sova’s Shock Bolt do?

While Recon Bolt is Sova’s most important ability, it doesn’t hurt to master his Shock Bolt as well. This ability does 14 to 90 damage. When placed just right, two of Sova’s Shock Bolts can eliminate an enemy. 


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