New Viper bug gives her wallhack vision inside her ultimate

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Viper’s poisonous pit no longer blocks her entire vision, and players think her wallhack ability is game-breaking thanks to a new bug.

Valorant’s feisty controller spent months on the sidelines till she finally received a much-needed rework from Riot Games. The new Viper is impeccable, but bugs like these make her insanely and unfairly overpowered in ranked Valorant games.

Valorant players discover Viper ultimate bug

Recently, a clip of Viper’s wallhack vision inside dense poison went viral on the internet. Many players turned a blind eye, thinking it was likely an old doctored video. It turns out Viper has actually become an all-seeing controller after a recent glitch in her kit. Upon testing, found out that certain lineups on the select map provide Viper with unhindered vision even inside her pit.

Viper’s pit renders heavy decoy to enemies but balances out the power by blocking range vision of everyone inside the ult, including Viper. However, the new bug provides the controller with an edge as she can now see through the poison fog. The bug works on Fracture’s A and Split’s B site.

How to use Viper wallhack bug on Fracture

For Fracture, stand behind the golden Radianite box and press the ult key (X). Keep your crosshair on the tiny block on the opposite side and activate the Viper’s pit. Move to the left side of the ult and stand on the edge at this particular point.

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After adjusting your position a little, you’ll be able to have a clear vision of the entire area inside the poison. Both drop and A main entrance points will be visible, whereas enemies won’t be able to spot you from far.

Executing this trick is much harder on Fracture, whereas it’s a cakewalk to obtain vision on Split. On Split’s B site, stand on the default plant area and keep the crosshair on the stairs, as shown in the image. Active the ult and run towards the back of B. Here, the ult will create a fissure for you to stand in. Slowly walk forward till you’re at the edge of the pit. From here, you’ll be able to see everything inside Viper’s pit.

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There are many similar lineups for other maps that players have discovered after spending hours in custom. However, these are likely unintended glitches that will be patched up in the coming updates.

The vision bug is certainly game-breaking but tough to replicate. So, don’t be surprised if the developer doesn’t roll out an instant fix.