New Valorant progression system adds free currency in Episode 7

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players will get access to a brand-new progression system that rewards free skins in Episode 7, leakers claim.

Valorant fans love skins, and Riot knows this very well. Instead of its usual shtick of gating them behind time-sensitive battle passes and Night Markets, Episode 7 appears to be introducing a new way for players to earn cosmetics that were thought to be long gone. Here’s how the new system works, when it will go live, and how Riot plans to integrate it into Valorant’s skin monetization.

The new progression system was leaked by esteemed Valorant insider ValorINTEL, who posted their findings on social media. The Episode 7 addition will add a new form of in-game progression that will allow players to claim accessories using a new currency called Kingdom Credits. These credits can then be exchanged for gear, though the specifics of the process are currently unknown.

New Valorant progression will reward free skins

The new Valorant progression system will allow players to exchange Kingdom Credits, which they can earn by a variety of means, for free skins and agents.

The system will be an addition to the current agent recruitment and battle pass system. Each day, players will get four daily tasks to complete in-game. Each of these dailies will have four levels of achievement, with each threshold rewarding Kingdom Credits. These can then be exchanged for accessories from previous battle passes. That includes gun buddies, sprays, profile backgrounds, and more.

However, this leak notably does not include gun skins. Riot Games is being generous with this system, but anyone expecting to grab top-tier cosmetics like the Prime series or Magepunk rifles will surely be disappointed. Note that the system has not been finalized, and Riot could add skins to the Kingdom Credits store in the official release.