Magepunk 3.0

Valorant’s new Magepunk 3.0 bundle is mouth-watering

By Fariha Bhatti


May 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Steampunk conasouirs can now dip their primary Valorant rifles into Magepunk 3.0 colors, Riot has announced. 

Valorant has some of the best animated skins in the FPS genre, but some are just built “diff” — think Ion, Prime, Glitchpop, and more. These are the bundles that have become staples in player inventories. Magepunk is also a legacy collection that has remained popular since its original release in 2021. 

After rolling a sequel to it, Riot is now releasing Magepunk 3.0. This would be the first time any bundle gets a third installment, and fans are over the moon. 

Magepunk 3.0 unveiled by Riot Games

Magepunk 3.0 is straight out of a Steampunk dream. The guns are electrifying, coated in rusty metal, and lit with neon bulbs. They’re exactly like the past two renditions, only better. Magepunk 3.0’s kill animation is also the same tube jail players adore. With its crisp sound animation, the Magepunk Vandal will surely be the go-to primary rifle skin for the next few months. 

With this bundle, Valorant will have a total of 13 Magepunk skins. Unlike the past two bundles, the new one only has three skins:

  • Vandal
  • Phantom
  • Magepunk Sparkswitch melee

All skins have four variants: golden, rusty brown, grey, and green. While all skins are spectacular, the Sparkswitch stands out the most. The melee is at par with previous Magepunk knives, Shockgauntlet and Elecrtoblade, but players would like this one the most. Sparkswitch is a butterfly melee with elaborate finger-swing animation, a hit style among skin enthusiasts. 

Magepunk 3.0 price and release date

The exact price of Magepunk 3.0 is currently unknown, but it’d likely belong to the Premium tier, meaning Phantom and the Vandal will cost 1775 VP while the knife will cost 3550 VP. Guessing the price of the full bundle is a tad tricky, considering it packs only three weapons. But the whole collection should be cheaper. 

Magepunk 3.0 will be released on May 29, approximately one week after Patch 6.10 drops on May 23, 2023. So, players still have a few days to prepare the money to buy the coveted bundle.