Phoenix in Valorant

New Valorant map Abyss has game-breaking exploit

By Olivia Richman


Jun 12, 2024

Reading time: 1 min

Abyss is the latest Valorant map, featuring interesting easter eggs and enabled death drops. The challenging map was intriguing players at first but now gamers are growing frustrated with some game-breaking exploits.

Riot tries to bring something new to every Valorant map, introducing new gimmicks like doors and ziplines. In Abyss, death drop is enabled and there are a lot of scary jumps that have created new gameplay opportunities. A seemingly bottomless pit on A site definitely grabbed attention but that has been overshadowed by some annoying bugs.

Abyss map has game-breaking exploits

As players started exploring Abyss, it was quickly discovered that a glitch with Phoenix allows him to survive the deadly drop on A site with his ultimate. Basically, you have to time it to go off right before you hit the ground, allowing him to walk around on the bottom of the map instead of dying instantly.

With Phoenix roaming so far down on the map, he is difficult to target by the opposing team — almost immune. The attacking team simply has to plant the Spike on the bridge and then have Phoenix defend it from below, shooting through the floor.

To make it even more frustrating, Phoenix can run to different areas of the map through his underground path. This lets him position himself in a wide range of areas, making it even harder to get rid of him or defend yourself against him.

We assume that Riot will hear of this exploit and get rid of it before Abyss enters competitive play. But only time will tell what happens next.