Emberclad Valorant

New Valorant Emberclad bundle looks like Elderflame on budget

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 24, 2024

Reading time: 1 min

After releasing a VFX-heavy Kuronami bundle, Riot is now adding a much simpler yet decorative Emberclad bundle to Valorant. 

Kuronami retailed at 9,500 VP as an exclusive category collection that players loved. Now, leakers have dug out a brand new collection dubbed Emberclad, which is a mix of fancy and simple exterior. The metal black skins are still a mystery as Riot hasn’t officially confirmed their arrival, and only an image has slipped through the cracks. 

Emberclad, as evident from the name, is clad in lava. The dark ascents are reminiscent of the Elderflame collection, but they are not as fancy and animated. The weapons are much simpler, but the color combination makes up for the plainness. 

Emberclad is an upcoming bundle in Valorant

The ember-red and dark bundle includes an axe-like melee that is the star of the show. Players will also be glad to know that Emberclad includes a skin for Phantom.

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Emberclad bundle includes: 

  • Emberclad Melee Hammer
  • Emberclad Frenzy
  • Emberclad Phantom
  • Emberclad Bulldog
  • Emberclad Spectre

Emberclad price in Valorant

Riot has revealed the price and release date for the Emberclad bundle, but it would likely be added to the rotation on January 30. The guns may fall in the premium category, meaning, the entire bundle should cost 7,100 VP. If that’s the case, players can buy each gun at 1,775 VP, whereas the melee would retail at 4,350 VP.

However, the pricing is just a speculation and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Riot should reveal more details soon.