New Valorant bug

New Valorant bug lets Sage updraft on her barrier like Jett

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new Valorant bug takes “battle Sage” to a whole another level. The healer is now hopping on top of her barrier, which is both hilarious and game-breaking.

Sage is designed to lead a team by employing a strategy that helps her survive the longest. The community likes to call her “pocket Sage” due to her consistent heals and support. However, a new breed of Sage players have transformed her kit. Battle Sage is feisty, bold, and she can updraft on barriers just like Valorant’s best duelist, Jett.

A new bug has been highlighted in her kit that lets her hop on top of her barrier. With this exploit, Sage players can carry out insane plays that wipe out clueless enemies.

Sage is among a few other Valorant agents who can reach higher spots with their toolkits. However, the healer can only get to these spots once, using her Barrier Orb. She can get back on the wall in rare angles after jumping down. But, this new bug allows her to jump atop the wall on all maps.

New Battle Sage bug is too OP

This exploit works on all locations since Sage only needs to plant her barrier close to a wall. When she’s squeezed between two objects, she can move forward and jump on top of the barrier. The push from two walls will boost her to the closest object. This works similarly to the team boost, but in this case, the two barriers act like player models.

It may not seem like a critical exploit, but Sage’s self boost can be game-breaking.

Firstly, it’s multipurpose. The agent can block off entries and catch enemies off guard. Sage boosted on her barrier is a common strategy, so players always clear out that angle. However, they won’t expect her to pop on the wall once they’ve cleared out the wall. The Sage boosted on Barrier Orb can be deadly and game-breaking.

This is replicable on all sites and spots with close choke points. The Sage updraft is the new exploit that players are abusing in ranked lobbies. Hopefully, Riot will notice and fix the bug, which is currently considered the new Sage buff. For now, players may want to steer clear of oddly placed barriers.