New spike trick discovered that instantly destroys Sage wall

By Nicholas James


Nov 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sage’s wall is one of the most powerful disruptive tools in Valorant and knowing how to deal with it effectively is critical.

The power to summon a solid piece of terrain to block enemies’ paths, provide cover for allies, and boost to unexpected angles can swing the course of a game. However, fans have discovered a strange new way to shred through Sage’s wall at an incredibly high speed, as well as a way to overpower opponents on the rare occasion that a melee fight occurs in Valorant.

A Reddit post on the Valorant subreddit has been catching fans’ attention. The video shows two players in a custom game, clearly testing this interaction to ensure it’s replicable.

The glitch involves canceling a large part of the knife swing’s animation with the first frames of the spike planting animation while on the spike site repeatedly. By alternating between a knife attack and briefly tapping the plant input while standing on the site, the player’s knife resets abnormally fast to a position where it can be swung again. This results in the player swinging the knife far quicker than they should be able to, and eating through Sage’s wall as though it were butter.

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How does the Sage wall glitch work?

In order for this glitch to work, the person knifing the Sage wall must be on the spike site, as it requires the opening frames of the spike planting animation to work. From there, the player swings their knife and rapidly clicks the plant button once the knife connects and then swings the knife again. This process is repeated until Sage’s wall breaks.

This trick can also be used to rapidly win up close and personal knife fights if you’re unable to get a quick right-click. Either use is niche but could certainly help clutch a round if opponents aren’t expecting it.