Insane Sage wall on Bind provides her with a foolproof one way

Fariha Bhatti • August 16, 18:48

Despite her calm persona, Sage can sometimes be an annoying agent to play against, this sneaky wall on Bind proves. 

Released as part of Project A protocol, Sage has managed to cement her foot as one of the most consistent agents in Valorant. She doesn’t have a stellar pick rate but plays an instrumental role on most maps and lineups. Safe to say, some locations are impossible to win without Sage’s assistance. 

The true purpose of her kit is to slow the enemy’s advances but players have turned her Barrier Orb into a whole different ability. A unique Sage playstyle has earned her the title of “battle Sage” among the players. 

A player named Tucker shared a clip playing on Bind where his entire team got shot down by an enemy Sage elevated on an unusual wall. Sage had created a barrier next to the wall that hid her behind curtains, making it impossible for the attackers to spot her inside the hookah. While creating surprising walls is an intended mechanic of the game, the bullet interaction with the curtains left players confused. 

Despite shooting tons of bullets at Sage’s head, the agent won’t budge from her position. Instead, Sage was able to shoot four attackers on the spot without taking any damage. This implies that the curtain blocked the bullets, but it didn’t work the same way for Sage. The one-way wall bang in the curtains provided her with a massive advantage against the attackers. 

This is most likely a bug as few other players assured that they encountered it in ranked games but it was long fixed for them. However, Sage players are again meddling with the Barrier Orb and ruining the rated experience. While it’s incredibly tricky to successfully plant Sage wall in the required angle to exploit this bug, high-ranked Sage players think it’s worth the practice. 

With the help of this wall, it becomes almost impossible to take hookah control. With Sage behind heavy rock curtains, point B becomes a lion’s den, leaving fewer executes for attackers on a map as small as Bind. The Sentinel has seen plenty of nerfs in the past, but this one seems like a map problem. 

It’s recommended to use a Sova’s intel dart before entering hookah and change routes if she’s scouting atop the wall until Riot Games delivers a fix for the bug. 


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