New Shurima tank and Bilgewater bot lane LoL champions teased

By Nicholas James


Apr 19, 2022

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The Champion Roadmap for April 2022 has dropped some bombs on League of Legends fans, including teasing a new Shurima tank as well as a Bilgewater bot laner.

Two mysterious champions were teased as a part of the new Champion Roadmap from Riot Games, a regular developer blog that updates fans on the studio’s plans for the game in the coming months. This roadmap included details on two mysterious new champions. One is the unusual bot lane carry teased in the last roadmap, while the other is a brand new tank from Shurima.

New Bilgewater bot laner disappears into thin air

In the new Champion Roadmap, Riot Games tells a story about a fight that occurred at a restaurant called Oyster Bill’s Oyster Shack. This restaurant is presumably somewhere in the Bilgewater region judging by the art and name.

In the story, a Noxian warband takes umbrage with a boisterous laughing stranger in the corner of the bar. When the Noxians move to violence, mist fills the room along with boisterous laughter, before the fog clears and all the Noxians drop dead. Oyster Bill adds that this stranger is still there, renting a room above the restaurant.

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This champion is sure to be the mysterious unusual bot laner depicted by misty, multi-colored hands expanding out from a cloud of air currents. This will be the next arrival after the upcoming Void jungler, and will likely be a unique melee carry meant to play in a lane that has long favored marksmen. The teaser art includes slashes across the bar at Oyster Bill’s Oyster Shack as well as a strange purple-blue liquid.

New Shurima tank arrives as “the Pride of Nazumah”

The champion who will arrive after the Bilgewater bottom carry is a Shuriman tank referred to as “the Pride of Nazumah.” This champion will be a high-skill top lane tank from a brand new subregion, Shurima. With colorful new art depicting an Aztec and Central American-inspired lush settlement on a waterfall, this appears to be Nazumah.

Little else is known about this champion, but even the regional art is a striking departure from Shurima’s general aesthetic. This new champion will likely come with a flashy, colorful kit that incentivizes aggressive engages.


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