League’s new Void jungler will be the Empress of the Void

By Nicholas James


Apr 18, 2022

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The new Void jungler has had some more details revealed, and it seems that she will be the Empress of the Void.

The upcoming Void jungler has been teased for a while now after her introduction was hinted at in the “Faceless God” short story. More teasers began to illuminate elements of this incoming Void threat over time. The latest Champion Roadmap has made her place in the lore clear. This is the hive queen of the Void, the central being behind the Void’s constant evolution and expansion.

Void jungler Empress will overwhelm enemies

The Void Empress has had a few mechanics and thematics associated with her that crop up repeatedly. One is the possibility of possession and taking over her enemies. Designer Riot Reav3 was hijacked by the Void Empress during the League of Legends roadmap at the beginning of the year. The new preview leans in a similar direction, telling players that they will submit to the Empress and become a part of her evolution.

It seems that the new Void jungler might be capable of hijacking or absorbing defeated enemies to fuel herself. She has been described as a skirmisher who excels in small fights rather than in larger team fights. A new image accompanies the description of this being, showing an enormous bladed appendage whipping across the screen towards a stunned Shuriman. The tentacle is made of pure purple Void energy coated in a silver-grey chitin armor.

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The preview also speaks about those who succumb to her seeing her true face and the appearance of the Void. This could mean a unique animation upon her taking down champions, or it could specifically refer to her evolving upon consuming enemies into a new and terrifying incarnation of otherworldly power. Riot took the time to call out her crashing waves against enemy structures, so the theory that she could summon Voidlings seems likely.

This void jungler will be the next champion to release, followed by a mysterious Bilgewater champion rumored to be able to disappear into thin air.


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