New Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse skins coming soon to LoL

By Nicholas James


Apr 13, 2022

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New Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse skins are coming to League of Legends, adding to the fan-favorite skinline.

Riot Games has announced a suite of new Eclipse skins coming to its massive MOBA, as well as two new unique skins for Gangplank and Yasuo. The skins take inspiration from Targon’s two main factions, the sun-worshipping Solari and the moon-worshipping Lunari.

New Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse skins announced

A new wave of the Eclipse skins has made its way to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment. This includes Solar Eclipse Sivir, Solar Eclipse Kayle, Solar Eclipse Sejuani, Lunar Eclipse Aatrox, Lunar Eclipse Senna, and Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna.

The solar skins for Sivir, Kayle, and Sejuani all focus on the sharp contrast between gold and deep black, evoking the shades of a solar eclipse. Meanwhile, the Lunar Eclipse skins for Aatrox and Senna lean into cold blues, purples, and whites to give a more nocturnal feel.

Senna’s Prestige skin option focuses on pale rose-gold and white hues along with a few dark purples to keep Prestige’s iconic gold and white look while still feeling aesthetically connected to the skinline.

New skins for Gangplank and Yasuo

There are two brand new skins for Gangplank and Yasuo hitting the PBE at the same time. The Sea Dog Yasuo skin brings a distinctly Buhru aesthetic to him, connecting him to the Kraken goddess-worshipping people of the Buhru Isles. Gangplank depicts the feared pirate captain during the Ruined King game, where he aids Viego before eventually betraying him.

Both skins are loosely connected to the Ruined King game, with Yasuo teaming up with Illaoi, the only Buhru champion, and Gangplank’s skin echoing the storyline with Viego. These have come out much later than other possibly canon skins like the Sentinels of Light series.

The new skins should hit live servers on patch 12.8.


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