Here’s how patch 12.6 Mythic content overhaul works

By Nicholas James


Mar 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Mythic content overhaul will arrive with patch 12.6 later this week, bringing an entirely new cosmetics system to League of Legends.

The Mythic content overhaul is looking to refresh the way that League of Legends players collect the rarest skins, icons, and other cosmetics. Until now, players have been split between trying to earn Prestige Points through timed events or Gemstones from chests and loot orbs to collect Mythic skins.

Both of these tired options will be going away in favor of a new system when the patch hits.

Mythic content overhaul phase one arrives in Leauge of Legends

The first phase of the Mythic content overhaul will hit on Patch 12.6, signalling the permanent end of Prestige Points and Hextech Gemstones.

The two different currencies will be replaced by Mythic Essence, a new currency meant to make acquiring Mythic skins more consistent across iterations. The Hextech skin line and other Mythic options previously gated behind Gemstones will be changed to cost Mythic Essence.

At the same time, Prestige Points will be going away entirely. Instead of yearly Prestige offerings, Riot is looking to introduce a unique Mythic-level skin line every year that fans can use Mythic Essence to claim. The first of these is Ashen Knights, a post-apocalyptic fantasy line that clearly takes inspiration from the Dark Souls games and their successor Elden Ring.

The patch also includes some light balance touches and a very interesting update for Rengar, with tons of quality-of-life changes. You can read the details of this update here. It also introduces a new rune called Treasure Hunter that grants extra gold on kills.

How to get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

Mythic Essence will be handed out in place of Gemstones and Prestige Points. Existing Gemstones will automatically be converted into Mythic Essence. All the same places you previously got materials before will be the way to acquire the new currency.

Ashen Knight Pyke will also arrive this patch, allowing fans who have built up lots of Gemstones to flex with this brand new mythical cosmetic.


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