New Little Legends and arena arrive in TFT: Neon Nights

By Nicholas James


Feb 17, 2022

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A handful of new Little Legends and an arena are arriving in Teamfight Tactics with the Neon Nights battle pass.

Highly anticipated Little Legend PROJECT Abyssia and an arena called The Toxictorium are being added with the new set, Neon Nights. Both will be available through the mid-set update’s new battle pass, alongside tons of new rewards.

Neon Nights brings new Little Legends

Little Legends have proven to be an excellent substitution for League of Legends’ champion skins, allowing Riot to monetize the auto battler while giving fans personal expression through the varied avatars.

New variants of a variety of Tacticians will be available through the same battle pass, the G&G Pass II+. The star of the show is PROJECT Abyssia, a black and neon pink take on Abyssia, complete with a cyberpunk blade and edgy helmet. Other new Little Legend additions to Neon Nights include the Hot Rod Lightcharger, a turbo-charged Lightcharger with cybernetic limbs, and a floating jet pack that resembles Kai’Sa’s suit.

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Several little legends get new incarnations in the set. Fenroar gets five new skins: Sodapop Fenroar, Afterburner Fenroar, Pulsefire Fenroar, Hextech Fenroar, and Bounty Hunter Fenroar. All of them take a slightly different spin on the wolf-like Little Legend. The main difference is the type of technology wielded by each variant and the primary colors of their outfit.

QiQi also gets five variants, as does Lightcharger. QiQi’s variants are Electric QiQi, Arcade QiQi, Groovy QiQi, Hextech QiQi, and Pulsefire QiQi. Lightcharger’s variants are Rod Lightcharger, Hextech Lightcharger, Pulsefire Lightcharger, Groovy Lightcharger, and Bubblegum Racer Lightcharger.

The battle pass exclusive rewards are the new arena The Toxicorium, as well as Little Legends Plant Buddy Sprite and Socialite Nixie, as well as some more Boom options.

The full battle pass will be available part way through the launch day of patch 12.4, which ushers in the Neon Nights mid-set update to Gizmos and Gadgets.


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