Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights finalized, patch notes revealed

By Nicholas James


Feb 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights is now ready for launch.

Neon Nights will launch with patch 12.4, the same patch that brings Renata Glasc to League of Legends. A Teamfight Tactics developer revealed the changes that are coming to the PBE in the near future.

Neon Nights final patch buffs Very VIP, other augments

The final patch includes tweaks to both Neon Nights’ new champions as well as many of the new Hextech Augments. The Hextech Augment system has been a home run for Teamfight Tactics, allowing each game to feel radically different through branching decision trees that can flip how the game functions with a single click. Neon Nights will add over 80 new augments to keep the mid-set update feeling fresh for players, even those who played loads of Gizmos and Gadgets.

Some of the augments getting buffed include Very VIP, which gives a large portion of maximum health to the Debonair VIP upon the death of another Debonair champion. Very VIP will now give the Debonair VIP 30% of the deceased Debonair champion’s health. This imitates a similar augment targeted towards Imperial units in Gizmos and Gadgets. Imperial units are set to be phased out after Gizmos and Gadgets ends.

Treasure Trove III, the highest tier loot orb augment, can no longer be offered as the final augment. High Five was been temporarily disabled until Riot can figure out whether or not they want the augment in the final game, or fix technical issues.

Neon Nights will arrive on February 16 and players will be able to enjoy 20 new units and tons of new augments. Some server issues can be expected given Teamfight Tactics’ popularity, and tons of fans will be clamoring to get their first taste of the newest incarnation of the auto battler.


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