New League of Legends bug allows Sona to slow CC-immune targets

Christian Vejvad • September 8, 10:08

Weird bugs continue to rain down upon League of Legends and this time it is one of the game’s oldest champions that are involved, Sona. 

Shortly after Sona’s rework, it has been discovered that she might be a bit stronger against CC-immune targets than she should be. In a recent YouTube video by Vandiril, it was discovered that Sona can slow champions such as Olaf and Master Yi, even when they have activated their ultimates which makes them immune to slows. This bug also occurs against other champions when they can’t be slowed and is obviously game-breaking. 

In the video, it was showcased how Sona can use her Power Chord passive with empowerment from Song of Celerity (E) and slow a target like Olaf while his Ragnarok (R) is active. Usually, Olaf would ignore any crowd control while boosted by Ragnarok but that doesn’t seem to be the case when playing against Sona. 

The same goes for Master Yi when he is using his Highlander ultimate that makes him immune to slows. This was also tested on other champions such as Morgana’s Black Shield (E) and Garen’s Courage (W).  

Why this bug is in the game is currently unknown but it is likely due to Sona’s recent rework. In patch 11.16, Riot gave Sona an overhaul to help her stay up to date with the modern League of Legends after years without being touched. The rework has made Sona less one-dimensional by shaking up her Power Chord passive and give her some new ways to scale into the late game. 

As it has been seen before, new champions and updates usually bring a lot of bugs with it. The worst case of that this year was the release of Viego back in January, which brought tons of game-breaking bugs with it. 

Even though Sona is by far as bugged as Viego was, it still seems that Riot forgot to add a few things in the code. Now that everyone is aware of the Sona bug, it’s expected that this will be hotfixed at any moment. If not, then Sona will work as an extremely strong pick against CC-immune champions.   


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