New Sona rework is now available for testing on the LoL PBE

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

After months of waiting, players are finally able to test out the Sona rework. 

In the latest patch on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), Riot finally added the changes to Sona that have been teased for quite some time. These changes will look to help one of the oldest utility supports get back into the meta and stay up to date with the gameplay.

For a long time, Sona has been fairly one-dimensional compared to other supports but that might change now. Riot has still kept the core of Sona but added some new strength that could see her return to the meta soon. 

Here is the Sona rework in League of Legends

Even though Riot considers this a major update, Sona got to keep her short cooldown spells and auras that she has always been known for. Sona will also keep her Crescendo (R), which has always been her most impactful tool and a spell that can decide a team fight.  

As a new addition, Riot has added another part to Sona’s Power Chord passive which will help her tremendously with scaling. The addition is called Accelerando, consisting of stacks that Sona can gather by hitting her other basic abilities successfully. For every Accelerando stack, Sona gains 0.5 ability haste to a maximum of 60. After that cap has been reached, the Accelerando stacks will instead reduce the cooldown of Crescendo. 

The addition of Accelerando stacks will suddenly give Sona much better scaling and ultimately be a champion to spam out endless abilities in the late game. This could potentially make Sona one of the best-scaling utility supports and finally be able to compete with the likes of Seraphine and Lulu. 

With these additions, Sona still looks to have the same playstyle as before. Sona will still be a squishy champion without much mobility, forcing players to play her wisely. It’s still unknown how strong Sona will be with these changes but players will likely find out soon as the testing on PBE progresses. 

The Sona rework is set to hit the live servers with patch 11.16 on August 11.