New Jett Updraft bug reveals enemies’ plans at round start

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Jett is replacing initiators in Valorant with a new Updraft glitch, providing an early-round advantage. 

As if her kit isn’t already deadly enough, the ace duelist Jett is often at the center of bugs. Thanks to Tailwind, breaking through the enemy’s defenses becomes easier with Jett on the roster. However, her Updraft is also pretty powerful as it has birthed plenty of glitched movement tactics. 

This new bug on Split is kind of a super dash that reveals the defender’s position when they’re still prepping to leave spawn. 

New Jett bug on Split reveals the enemy’s location 

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All Valorant utilities are disabled in the buy phase to prevent misuse and exploitation. However, Jett’s quick Updraft is providing large amounts of info immediately, making it a game-breaking bug. 

This bug doesn’t work in the buy phase, but it is undoubtedly the quickest way to decipher which site enemies are about to hit. Valorant player drunktrunkbunk demonstrated how Jett could Updraft and provide lots of intel to her teammates for a site push. 

This exploit requires Jett to use the first Updraft to hop on the A site screen. The second Updraft, while running forward, will provide a clear view of the enemies’ early plans. This intel is crucial for defenders who can then protect the targeted site. Players can recreate this exploit every single round, making it a significant bug that requires an instant fix. 

While Sova and Kay/O may execute the same task without exploiting bugs, Jett can outdo them by doing it more quickly and effectively. Both the initiators would require lineups that take time. Conversely, Jett only has to Updraft as soon as the clock hits zero. This is the quickest way to reveal an attacker’s plan without alerting them about it. 

However, not all duelists may be willing to invest two Updrafts in doing the job of an Initiator. It’s a big ask, but the results may be rewarding in high ELO lobbies. The developer may want to roll out an insta-fix for this bug before Jett mains spoil Split ranked games once again. 

Is Jett a good agent on Split? 

Split’s high verticality, enabled by rappel lines, makes it an ideal location to run Jett. The duelist can put the high points of Split to great use by picking odd angles, ultimately taking enemies by surprise. She also becomes incredibly mobile due to the numerous elevated spots.