New Fade lineup shows that she will be OP on Bind

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The latest recruit to Valorant protocol is already owning enemies on Bind. With this lineup, Fade’s Haunt ability can reveal the entire A site on Bind. 

Fade had ruffled the entire Valorant roster weeks before she has even officially arrived. After kidnapping six agents, Fade finally joined the protocol. Players had already expected her to be deadly and dark, but she has exceeded expectations. Her new Haunt lineup shows that no one can escape Fade’s eye. 

Using her E ability on Bind’s A site, Fade can expose an entire team of five. This is highly overpowered as Fade’s Haunt ability works differently than Sova’s intel dart. It’s much better and long-lasting. On a map like a Bind, intel gathering is crucial on attack due to tight chokepoints. Entering the site without clearing a few angles is like willingly walking into a lion’s den. 

This new lineup hints that Fade may end up becoming a must-have on Bind. 

Fade lineup to dominate on Bind

This Fade lineup begins from A site’s back alley. After lining up the crosshair with the pipes, run forward and toss the rope as soon as you touch the leaves’ intersection. The roll will land on top of the building, shifting into a cat-like creature. This watcher will expose everyone who’s in plain sight, leaving Terror Trails for 12 seconds.

On a small map like Bind, 12 seconds are more than enough to take control of the site, wipe out exposed enemies, and get the Spike plant. 

However, you may want to perfect this lineup in order for it to have an impact. The watcher becomes useless if it drops on the floor as it only works against enemies visible to it. Since it lands at a high angle, it can easily spot all opponents in open areas. Your teammates can follow the trail or opt to rotate in case there are more than two opponents on the site. If there are enemies close by, you may also release Prowler to near sight and tenderize them for your teammates. 

Is Fade better than Sova? 

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Fade’s Haunt is undoubtedly much more potent than Sova’s dart in this case. Both the watchers do the same job, but Sova only tags and reveals. Conversely, Fade creates a trail made of dark ropes that follows enemies wherever they go, making her much more viable.