New Eternals are now live for League of Legends

Nicholas James • November 22, 2022 3:14 pm

Some brand new Eternals for League of Legends are being released, here’s what you need to know and what you can expect.

Eternals are champion-specific stat trackers that record the number of times a player has accomplished a certain feat on a specific champion. From killing enemies with a certain ability to accomplishing a particular multi-kill, the accomplishments recorded vary from champion to champion. Riot Games has announced the next series of Eternals, here’s what we know about them.

New Eternals for League of Legends announced

The new batch of Eternals are already live on the League of Legends servers with three new Eternals for each champion in the League of Legends roster. Players can unlock a specific champion’s Eternals for 600 RP or pick up the Series 2 Pass for Eternals for 6,400 RP. The pass instantly unlocks every Series 2 Eternal for all champions and guarantees free unlocks of Series 2 Eternals for future champions.

As the new Eternals arrive, the old Starter and Series 1 Eternals are going to be put on sale so fans who want the older Eternals have an opportunity to snag them for cheap. This discount will continue until December 1 at 1 pm PST. The Series 1 Eternals Pass will be available for 2,340 RP, and the Starter Series Eternals Pass will be available for 540 RP.

Finally, the new Eternals series will allow players to add a third chevron to their Mastery emotes in order to show off their dedication to a champion. This was already available from Starter and Series 1 Eternals, but can be upgraded even further by the new achievement series. Three months after their release on February 16, the Eternals Series 2 Pass will be available for 4,480 RP instead of its normal price, with this sale lasting until March 2.


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