Riot to make LoL Eternals more accessible as free drops, rewards

By Olivia Richman


Jun 19, 2020

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Riot has made Eternals more accessible by making them free drops in event missions and while climbing the ranked ladder. 

Eternals are defined as champion-specific stat-trackers that “capture, celebrate, and flex your moments of glory in and out of game.” With Eternals, players can track their per-game personal bests, rack up lifetime milestones for certain achievements, and show off their favorite champions’ accomplishments. 

Eternals were previously only available by purchasing them from the Eternals tab in the store. League of Legends players could unlock each set one champion at a time or pick up a Series Pass that instantly unlocked all Eternals in a particular series for all champions, even ones that are released in the future.

Eternals generated some controversy among League of Legends players. Not everyone thought the stat-tracking was worth the required spend.

Recently, Riot announced that Eternals Capsules can be earned through event missions and while playing ranked. They are also adding new Eternals features, including Eternals Emotes and Seasonal Bests. 

Eternals now released in entire series

Product manager Adriaan Noordzij outlined some big changes for Eternals in a recent press release. Eternals will now be released in entire series, meaning Series 2 will release for all champions available at the time in January 2021. 

Eternals will have discounts, similar to those for champions and skins, “with a bigger discount for when we launch new Eternals.” For example, three months after a series’ is launched, that series will be on sale for 30% off for the next two weeks. When a new series is released, all old series passes will be 60% off for two weeks. 


Other changes are coming to Eternals based on player feedback. League of Legends players want to show off their Eternals more, so Riot is aiming to debut new features with the launch of Series 2 in January 2021. This includes Seasonal Best for each Eternal and Exclusive Eternals Emote, which lets players flex their stats at will. 

Riot discusses Eternals Capsules

The press release also dived deeper into Eternals Capsules, which are loot items that players can earn for free “simply by playing the game.” Noordzij said that Eternals Capsules can be earned by completing missions during events, qualifying for and receiving a Victorious skin during a season, and earning a new fourth tier ranked split reward. This will lead to receiving an Eternal Capsule that contains set shards for RP-only Eternals sets. 

This will begin with the upcoming summer event. 

“By completing a free mission that will activate around the end of the event’s mission chain, players can earn an Eternals Capsule. Beginning with Split 3 in Season 2020, every split will award an Eternals Capsule for those who earn 750 Split Points,” Riot explained.

Players who qualify for the season’s Victorious skin by ranking Gold or higher by the end of the season will earn a specific set for the champion receiving the skin. 


Not all players are happy with this plan. Those who aren’t interested in Eternals have asked Riot developers if Eternal rewards could replace existing rewards, such as champion shards or mystery emotes. Riot has not yet made public how this would work.


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