New eco-punk Titanmail skin collection leaked for Valorant

By Kenneth Williams


May 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

VP burning a hole in your pocket? The upcoming Titanmail Valorant skin collection is the perfect way to spend it.

Reputable Valorant leaker ValorLeaks has revealed a new skin collection currently in the works at Riot Games. The Titanmail skin collection is a black and green skin set accented with crystals. It’s not clear if the bundle will include any special animations or alternate colors. Even without these extras, Titanmail will still bring an entirely new melee weapon to the game.

Between the jagged edges along the weapon and its neon green crystals, the Titanmail skins have an eco-punk vibe. They also appear uncomfortable to hold for Valorant’s agents, but their stylish qualities more than makes up for any practical issues. The few video leaks do not show any special effects or animations, but those could be added before the final release.

The Titanmail skin pack will also bring a new melee design to Valorant. The included melee skin is a mace with four floating blades. They rotate around the end of the weapon and seem to come together to form an ax head when used. There are already a few axes in Valorant between Glitchpop, Prism, and more. Titanmail will bring the first mace.

What guns are included in Titanmail?

Based on leaked information, the following guns appear to be included in the Valorant Titanmail skin pack.

  • Ares
  • Bucky
  • Frenzy
  • Marshal
  • Vandal
  • Melee

The Marshal skin is probably the most dramatically changed from its vanilla counterpart. The scope becomes integrated into the gun’s visuals, and the promo image shows two crystals floating around the end of the barrel. The stock is also much chunkier than the base model.

Valorant Titanmail skin collection release date and price

Leaks did not confirm an intended price or release date for Titanmail, but based on the lack of effects, it’s probably going to come out sometime in early June.

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As for price, it depends on if Titanmail skins get special effects and animations. If so, expect Titanmail to wind up in the Premium tier at 7,100 VP. If they do not get more visual upgrades, these skins will probably wind up in the Deluxe tier at 5,100 for the whole bundle.