New Cafe Cutie skins for Annie, Soraka, Gwen, more

By Nicholas James


Nov 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot is bringing back its sweetest stylings with a bright and bubbly new skin line featuring a variety of champions.

The new Cafe Cutie skins turn up the concept of a fantastical cafe all the way up to 11. Some of the characters receiving a skin, including Annie, Gwen, and Soraka, make sense with the theme of the whimsical coffee shop. Others, such as Vladimir, put a lighthearted twist on a much darker character, albeit to mixed effect.

The skinline’s common aesthetic thematic is bright pinks, deep purples, and golds highlighting white porcelain. After skins like Dragonmancer, the Ruined line, and more, it’s certainly a much more upbeat twist on cosmetics for League of Legends champions.

Cafe Cutie Bard in particular has gotten praise for just how perfectly it executes the concept of animated dishes. Drawing clear inspiration from Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast, Bard takes on one of the more ridiculous interpretations of living dishware. The skins look to add a splash of color after a string of grim and dark twists on champions. It’s certainly not a skin line that every Vladimir player will be chomping at the bit to buy, but most of the new skins are too cute to not sway at least some players.

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Riot hasn’t been slowing down the hype machine towards the end of the year, between a bevvy of new cosmetics and player options across its games, and now some newly-added skin lines like Cafe Cuties, League of Legends players have choices aplenty ahead of them. Given the typical lifecycle of a PBE patch, Cafe Cuties are likely to go live in two weeks’ time, arriving partway through the Arcane event.


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