Into The Arcane event teaser highlights preseason event

By Nicholas James


Nov 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is hitting League of Legends players with a double whammy of releases when it comes to the preseason changes and the upcoming animated series, Arcane.

Alongside the release of new dragons, items, and more, Riot is going to hit players with a monthlong event to celebrate the launch of Arcane. A new trailer dropped to show off some of the content that League of Legends players can look forward to.

Arcane is set to arrive on November 6 on Netflix, with the first three episodes launching on the streaming service. The series shows off the region of Piltover and Zaun, following several champions from the area most notably Jinx and Vi.

What’s new in the Into The Arcane event?

Into the Arcane will see a big arrival into Summoner’s Rift, including the latest Hextech and Chemtech drakes.

With Arcane’s focus on Piltover and Zaun, each of the twin cities’ signature technology is making the jump to Summoner’s Rift. The Hextech dragon’s portals will be under the spotlight before Riot takes some time to showcase the variety of cosmetic changes. Summoner’s Rift itself is getting a revamp, with minions, terrain, and structures all getting a blue and gold refresh to match Piltover’s aesthetic.

Caitlyn’s visual rework has been a hit so far, and she’ll get her new skins shown off alongside Arcane variants for both Jayce and Vi. As per usual, the event will bring new capsules, ward skins, and more. The browser-based Explore Arcane game also has some updates previewed in the short video, with Sett standing about Piltover and an Elder Dragon statue in the background.

Between the free Twitch drops, Prime Gaming rewards, visual reworks, event currencies, and more, players are going to have no shortage of ways to interact with Arcane as it airs throughout November.


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