New Apex Legend glitch revealed, allows players to fly off the map

By Olivia Richman


Jun 23, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Game-breaking bugs seem to be a hot trend in Apex Legend. 

Recall the audio bug, where players couldn’t hear approaching enemies? How about that time Octane mains couldn’t shoot while using his Stim ability? For many Apex Legends fans, these instances are hard to forget, since they felt Respawn Entertainment wasn’t too keen on addressing their concerns

YouTuber GameTuts has now found another Apex Legends glitch. 

According to the popular streamer, he was just playing around in the game’s training mode, intentionally trying to find new bugs when his squad discovered a respawn beacon glitch that also worked in the actual game. 

Players that dealt with the supply bin glitch will find this bug quite familiar. The respawn beacons will send users flying across the map in any direction. Players just have to give them a melee hit before the launch. As shown in the video below, players are able to launch themselves off the map entirely, floating over the ocean, and eliminating themselves as they soar into the sky. But at least they get a good view of the approaching Leviathans before they pass on. 

While Respawn Entertainment has yet to address the bug, players are wondering if it’ll be fixed in Season 2.

The battle royale’s new season will start on July 2, introducing Wattson to the world. The Apex Legends community has been buzzing about this new legend for a while. But it seems that bugs and glitches are on everyone’s radar more even more so than the new content. 


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