Neo Frontier bundle in Valorant is dropping jaws with futuristic Axe

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Like every episode, Riot is rolling out a shiny new skin collection for Valorant Episode 7. The Neo Frontier bundle turns antique guns into futuristic skins.

Riot likes to add an immersive backstory or a mind-blending theme for each Valorant skin bundle. Most skins are inclined toward Valorant’s futuristic dystopia, and only some showcase the vintage weaponry. This time, the developer is blending them both in Neo Frontier.

Neo Frontier skins are buildable through different variants. Initially, the skins are plain old weapons, but Radianite points can power up the lights and add animations reminiscent of Chamber’s golden gun. 

Neo Frontier

Neo Frontier includes high-end weapons

At the first level, the skins are still slightly futuristic, but the ball bearings and the entire skeleton are out there in the open. Those who like them as is may want to refrain from leveling up. Because as you level up, the skin creates a glass casing around it with animated patterns. 

Neo Frontier is available for:

  • Phantom 
  • Sheriff
  • Marshal
  • Odin
  • Axe (melee) 
  • Reactive Gun Buddy
  • Player Card (Western) 
  • Player Card (Neo) 
  • Animated Spray 

The bundle is stacked with animated items. Players would specifically like the gun buddy, which shows the top fraggers image. This is the first in Valorant, which makes this a special bundle. 

Neo Frontier has three variants, and all of them have the same level of upgrades. The first one is a purple Variant with a purple finisher and kill banner. Variant number two is white/blue, and the third one is orange with its own finisher and kill banner. 

How much does Neo Frontier cost?

Riot hasn’t yet unveiled the Neo Frontier price, but it may sit in the ultra tier with Protocol 781-A collection due to reactive gun buddy, over-the-top animations, and elaborate visuals. If that happens, Neo Frontier would cost around 9,000 Valorant Points. 

The exact price will be revealed when Neo Frontier becomes available on June 28 in the Valorant store, along with battle pass content and Agent 23, Deadlock.