Nemestice event may bring new Spectre arcana, Void Spirit lore

By Steven Rondina


Jun 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Update: Nemestice has arrived, and it did bring the Spectre arcana as part of a battle pass.

The International 2021’s date and location are unknown and the event is at risk of being cancelled entirely, but Valve has come up with a consolation prize for casual players.

Packaged at the end of the blog post announcing uncertainty around TI10 was news that the previously teased June Dota 2 event is called Nemestice. Few details were given, but Valve noted that Nemestice will begin in the immediate future, specifically “later this week.”

No other details were provided on Nemestice besides its name, but fans can draw some conclusions about what’s to come from a post on it by Wykrhm Reddy. The social media personality posted a teaser image for Nemestice that shows the title art for the event.

Spectre arcana could be part of new Nemestice event

While this didn’t explicitly give any new information on the new Nemestice event, there’s plenty to read into here. Specifically, the purple and black color scheme with the wispy smoke suggests the event will be built on one of two things.

The most popular theory is that Valve is set to build an event around the release of the Spectre arcana skin, similar to the Nemesis Assassin event that added new hero Oracle and the Manifold Paradox skin for Phantom Assassin. Spectre won the TI10 Arcana Vote in the battle pass, but fans have been left waiting for it for months. While Valve has been even slower than usual over the past year, holding off on releasing it to make it a part of a larger event does make at least some sense.

Another theory that was making the rounds earlier this month was that it may revolve around the Void Spirit trailer from The International 2019.

The black background with purple smoke hearkens back to the celestial plane that Void Spirit is first shown in, with the hero hinting that he’s entering the battle of the ancients to save his fellow spirits “for a greater cause to come.” Instead of focusing on Spectre, the event could revolve around the “great confluence” that Void Spirit referred to.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem as though fans will have to wait long for answers. With the TI10 qualifiers set to begin on June 23, it’s very likely that Nemestice will arrive as early as tomorrow.