Nemestice adds new battle pass with Spectre Arcana, Davion skin

By Steven Rondina


Jun 24, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

Nemestice has arrived in Dota 2 and it’s got a lot to offer to Dota 2 fans.

The summer event is effectively offering up what fans would’ve seen from a new The International Battle Pass. Nemestice includes a battle pass, limited time game mode, and a variety of premium skins to players. It also has the same sort of progression system that fans saw from the battle pass in the past, including weekly challenges, a cavern crawl, and more.

Nemestice brings Spectre arcana Phantom Advent skin to Dota 2 fans

Included in Nemestice is the long-awaited Spectre arcana skin, named Phantom Advent.

“The many aspects of Mercurial are fragments of a single form no longer, for one has stolen away from the many, and the realities of a new Spectre rise. Enticed and trapped by a cursed set of armor, a solitary shade of Mercurial finds that with each soul she harvests for the blighted plate, a stronger sense of self arrives along with it. While at first such forced separation enraged her, she now seeks this tantalizing freedom. Killing whomever she needs to earn more,” the description reads.

While the arcana isn’t a complete transformation of the character like fans have seen with Flockheart’s Gamble for Ogre Magi and the One True King for Wraith King, it does take Spectre in a unique direction by having her become cold and armored rather than celestial and wispy. 

It also features all the trappings of an arcana skin including new voice lines, custom animations, and unique effects, in this case being floating daggers that surround Spectre on the field.

Nemestice Battle Pass has Spectre arcana, Dragon’s Blood Davion

The Nemestice Battle Pass rewards are similar in quality to those seen for the battle pass for The International 2019. The big prize from the battle pass is the Spectre arcana which is unlocked at level 330, but there are two interesting hero persona skins that stick out as well.

First and foremost is the Davion of Dragon Hold skin, a hero persona that transforms Dragon Knight into a version of the character more similar to the one seen in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. This includes new models, animations, and voice lines for both his dragon and human forms.

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The Davion of Dragon Hold skin can actually be upgraded through the Nemestice Battle Pass as well. The base skin is unlocked at level 195, but can be accessorized further with the broken sword, glowing off-hand dagger, and helmet that were all seen in the show. While it remains baffling how Valve has failed to incorporate more of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood into the actual game, it’s good that something came out eventually.

Alongside Davon of Dragon Hold’s customizability is the fact that Invoker’s 2019 hero persona skin will have something similar. At level 275, players can get the Dark Artistry Throwback skin, which reskins the child Invoker skin into the ever-popular Dark Artistry set, complete with spiked hair. Each individual component can be equipped, which is something important to note.

The Davion of Dragon Hold and Dark Artistry Throwback skins suggest that there will be a degree of customizability with hero persona skins that hasn’t been seen previously. This may also see new looks added for the Toy Butcher Pudge skin and Disciple’s Path Anti-Mage in the future.

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And of course, there is an Immortal Treasure chest that is available for purchase and as a reward for leveling up. There is a rare reward for Ancient Apprarition in the Shatterblast Rule, a set of crystalline gauntlets that go along with the Shatterblast Core from the TI8 Battle Pass. There are two very rare rewards for Tidehunter and Mirana, and an ultra rare item for Void Spirit that gives him a more Storm Spirit-like look with bonus effects for Astral Step.

How to play Nemestice

Nemestice might seem strange at first as it takes place on a circular map, but it’s nothing that Dota 2 fans haven’t seen before in practice. Creeps push down four lanes with players looking to destroy the other team’s towers. 

There are random blasts of AOE damage that come from meteorites and every few minutes, a giant crystal will crash into the center of the map. Players can walk up to it and channel it like they would an outpost for a power-up and BP for their Nemestice Battle Pass.

When a team’s tower is destroyed, their other towers are strengthened. Players will need to endure this and destroy all four enemy towers in order to win. 

When will Nemestice end?

Dota 2’s Nemestice event is set to end on August 17, 2021. It is possible that this gets pushed back further due to various issues with servers.