Nadia Amine banned from Twitch, called out by Call of Duty fans

By Olivia Richman


Dec 15, 2022

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Controversial Call of Duty streamer Nadia Amine has been banned from Twitch.

Nadia has been the subject of controversy in the Warzone community after multiple accusations that she cheats at the game. Many believe that she uses wallhacks and aimbots to become one of the “best” Call of Duty streamers. While there has been no solid evidence, many gamers did notice a jarring difference between her online performance and a very underwhelming showing at a LAN tournament.

Now, Nadia has been banned from Twitch, but nobody is exactly sure why.

Why was Nadia banned from Twitch?

This was actually Nadia’s first suspension from the streaming platform.

While she has been allegedly shadowbanned within Warzone itself, Nadia has never been in trouble on Twitch. But on December 15, Nadia received a two-week suspension for violating Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Soon after learning of her suspension, Nadia took to Twitter to tell fans that she will be barred from streaming for 14 days. The reason was allegedly “sharing personal information,” but Nadia seemed confused as to what Twitch was referencing.

While Nadia claimed to be confused, someone shared a clip of her calling someone by their real name when they accused her of cheating. Nadia said that she was able to see the hater’s full name and other private information on PayPal when he donated to her.

“I hope you find time to actually do something in your f—ing life because now you look like a f—ing idiot,” Nadia replied.

While some found her comeback funny and understood why she is so frustrated with the cheating accusations, others called her out for feigning confusion over her ban when the reason seemed quite clear based on the video. A lot of people called her toxic and wild for doxxing someone over such a small insult.

A lot of the anger was aimed at Twitch, however. Many felt that Twitch was being, once again, inconsistent with its punishments. Many pointed to a recent incident where a streamer was only given a three-day suspension for having sex during a live broadcast. The lengths of the suspensions didn’t make sense to a lot of people.


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