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Twitch streamer banned for having sex during livestream

By Olivia Richman


Aug 25, 2022

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Twitch lesson of the day: Don’t stream while fornicating, or you might get banned.

A Twitch streamer has been banned from the live broadcasting platform after having sex during a stream. On August 24, kimmikka could be seen posing at a weird angle while talking to her chat. Suddenly, she made a grimacing face and turned around to start talking to someone behind her. A man’s voice could be heard and then he comes partially into view as the couple start to have sex again.

While nothing can be directly seen on screen, kimmikka’s facial expressions and the angle all but give away what’s going on during the shocking livestream. To make it even more obvious, kimmikka’s reflection can be seen in the window behind her, showing exactly what’s going on to viewers at home.

The clip immediately went viral after ending up on the LiveStreamFail subreddit. As thousands started watching and commenting on the video, Twitch caught wind of the incident and took the clip down. The streaming platform then banned kimmikka’s account.

kimmikka had just created the account in July 2022 and only had 231 followers at the time of the ban. According to the new streamer, the incident was a “drunken mistake.” Despite her quickly shutting off the stream, Twitch still laid down the law. It’s currently unclear when kimmikka will ever be allowed back on the streaming website.

Twitch community responds to streamer having sex during livestream

Few in the streaming community felt the ban was unwarranted, but many still called out Twitch’s inconsistent policies and punishments, a common topic in the streaming world.

On Reddit, one user noted that there was no hot tub present, indicating that if she had decided to have sex in the hot tub category Twitch may have spared her. Others said this was only a “matter of time” before having sex was allowed, commenting on the amount of OnlyFans models and sexual content currently on Twitch.

For the most part, the streaming community didn’t seem too offended by kimmikka’s behavior. Many comments on social media feature people asking to see the full video.


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